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1. Any of various edible, fleshy, irregularly rounded ascomycetous fungi, chiefly of the genus Tuber, that grow underground on or near the roots of trees and are valued as a delicacy.
2. Any of various round candies made of chocolate, butter or cream, sugar, and various flavorings, often coated with cocoa powder.

[Alteration of French trufe, from Old French, from Old Provençal trufa, from Vulgar Latin *tūfera, truffles, from dialectal variant of Latin tūber, lump; see teuə- in Indo-European roots.]

truf′fled adj.
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my lord, do not believe I am so stingy as that; I delight the heart of some poor little tradesman or clerk by sending him a wing of a red partridge, a slice of venison, or a slice of a truffled pasty, dishes which he never tasted except in his dreams; these are the leavings of the twenty-four franc prisoners; and as he eats and drinks, at dessert he cries `Long live the King,' and blesses the Bastile; with a couple of bottles of champagne, which cost me five sous, I made him tipsy every Sunday.
Within an hour the guests were seated around a board which creaked under the great pasties and joints of meat, varied by those more dainty dishes in which the French excelled, the spiced ortolan and the truffled beccaficoes.
But the food is tasty enough to make it a destination restaurant anyway - we ate truffled risotto, followed by a perfectly cooked Dover sole in beurre noisette, with main courses averaging at about PS15.
Her venison boasted a crust of panko breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese and was served with truffled mashed potatoes, Swiss chard, butternut squash, beetroot puree, shallot rings and a red wine sauce.
The Love Sausage is a heart-shaped sausage which is lightly truffled and wrapped in bacon and it costs [pounds sterling]5, a true bargain to win over the meat/comedy-lover in your life.
Side dishes include potato rosti, parsnips, truffled cauliflower cheese and, in true festive fashion, brussels sprouts.
Down here, diners can enjoy modern British dishes with a European slant such as truffled orzo, lobster linguine and slow-cooked lamb shoulder.
Guests who want their truffle meal with rice will appreciate the Garlic Crab with Truffled Mushroom Rice from The Red Crab Alimango House.
Red Crab Alimango House's award-winning chef Sonny Mariano showcased the Garlic Crab with Truffled Mushroom Rice, which was a very filling, and the savory version of Red Crab's famous Crab Maritess.
Called "Truffled A38", the ingredients are Maris Piper potatoes, double cream, fresh parsley and Berkswell cheese.