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1. Any of various edible, fleshy, irregularly rounded ascomycetous fungi, chiefly of the genus Tuber, that grow underground on or near the roots of trees and are valued as a delicacy.
2. Any of various round candies made of chocolate, butter or cream, sugar, and various flavorings, often coated with cocoa powder.

[Alteration of French trufe, from Old French, from Old Provençal trufa, from Vulgar Latin *tūfera, truffles, from dialectal variant of Latin tūber, lump; see teuə- in Indo-European roots.]

truf′fled adj.
References in classic literature ?
my lord, do not believe I am so stingy as that; I delight the heart of some poor little tradesman or clerk by sending him a wing of a red partridge, a slice of venison, or a slice of a truffled pasty, dishes which he never tasted except in his dreams; these are the leavings of the twenty-four franc prisoners; and as he eats and drinks, at dessert he cries `Long live the King,' and blesses the Bastile; with a couple of bottles of champagne, which cost me five sous, I made him tipsy every Sunday.
Within an hour the guests were seated around a board which creaked under the great pasties and joints of meat, varied by those more dainty dishes in which the French excelled, the spiced ortolan and the truffled beccaficoes.
For a la carte, Chusuey made suggestions: Croquettas Negra and glazed Kpop Stuffed Wings for starters, and Truffled Carbonara Pizza and Salmon Kimchi Fried Rice for mains.
5 Mushroom, roasted garlic and goat cheese ravioli with roasted shrimp, oven dried tomatoes and basil pesto cream $ Gulf oysters poached in Herbsaint cream with bacon, fennel, spinach and tornbread croutons $ Warm spinach salad with shallots, toasted pecans and bacon in sherry vinaigrette topped with a fried goat cheesecake $9 Entrees Grilled filet of beef over mashed potatoes, roasted mushrooms, wilted spinach, foie gras butter, truffled demi glace $32 Braised lamb shank, rapini, pine nut and parmesan risotto, roasted tomato, garlic, basil and rosemary ragout $2.
With recipes ranging from Truffled Eggplant-Stuffed Potato Skins; French Onion Soup with Crispy Potato Gaiettes; Garlicky Potato, Cheddar, and Bacon Pie; to Sake Short Rib Potato Stew; Creamy Twice-Baked Potatoes; Black and White Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips; and Sweet Potato Cobbler.
Fire-grilled Kurobuta pork belly is another good one, as are the voodoo shrimp, calamari, truffled deviled eggs, or pan-seared ahi tuna with orange-ginger sauce.
O'Steak Taipei French bistro is offering customers Taipei's most authentic French Christmas experience including seafood bisque, homemade marinated salmon salad with dill and mustard dressing, crispy scallops with apple sauce, and a choice between Steak Rossini with truffled mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables or rolls of sole fillet steamed with tarragon, shrimp, and mushroom sauce, and tomato confit or braised lamb shank with carrot and cumin puree, roasted potatoes, and seasonal vegetables.
Our favourite pick: The 13-inch Truffled Vegan, packed with tomato sauce, Portobello mushrooms, zucchini, caramelised onions and aromatic vegan truffle sauce.
Bringing his progressive American cuisine to Regal Princess, Kilgore will showcase some of his favorites including Short Rib Wellington with Truffled Mushrooms and Free-Range Chicken, with Popcorn Hollandaise.
At 26, Tim became the youngest ever winner of MasterChef, wowing the judges in the final with his Kyushu-style pork ramen with truffled lobster and gyoza.
Four good local choices - soft, hard, blue and a goats' cheese - served with quince jelly, truffled honey and crackers.
Fish fans are encouraged to sample cod - pan-fried cod, creamy lemon, champ potatoes with lobster, tarragon and pistachio butter, while vegetarians can enjoy Mushroom - wild mushroom, celeriac and hazelnut 'mille feuille', and Welsh rarebit truffled macaroni.