trump up

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trump 1

1. Games
a. often trumps A suit in card games that outranks all other suits for the duration of a hand.
b. A card of such a suit.
c. A trump card.
2. A key resource to be used at an opportune moment.
3. Informal A reliable or admirable person.
v. trumped, trump·ing, trumps
1. Games To take (a card or trick) with a trump.
2. To get the better of (an adversary or competitor, for example) by using a crucial, often hidden resource.
v.intr. Games
To play a trump.
Phrasal Verb:
trump up
To devise fraudulently: trumped up a charge of conspiracy.

[Alteration of triumph.]

trump 2

A trumpet.

[Middle English trompe, from Old French; see trumpet.]
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trump up

(tr, adverb) to concoct or invent (a charge, accusation, etc) so as to deceive or implicate someone
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Verb1.trump up - invent; "trump up charges"
cook up, fabricate, invent, manufacture, make up - make up something artificial or untrue
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w>trump up

vt seperfinden
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