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Noun1.trumpet section - the section of a band or orchestra that plays trumpets or cornetstrumpet section - the section of a band or orchestra that plays trumpets or cornets
brass section, brass - the section of a band or orchestra that plays brass instruments
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It targets the more than 35 million musicians in the United States with promotional materials that feature testimonials from users of its lip balms, including Michael Martin, who plays in the trumpet section of the Boston Symphony and the Boston Pops.
Full marks to the pin-sharp trumpet section, but the whole orchestra made the most of the opportunity, gaining a great reception for their efforts.
In addition to solos by Brian McWhorter, the trumpet section at Friday's performance of "The Great Gatsby" by the Eugene Ballet Company included Tony Clausi, Mark Gould and Aaron Kahn.
I raised my baton to begin, the students got their instruments ready, when suddenly we heard a loud, piercing, scream from the trumpet section.
The stars of the trumpet section are former Jazz Friends member Nestor Gonzaga and his son Richie Gonzaga, and veteran Romy Francisco, who has performed with such artists as Burt Bacharach, Tony Bennett and Paul Anka.
The trumpet section has recently lost two of its key members, we have just lost what Simon Rattle once described to me as "the greatest timpanist in the country", and the likewise harpist is about to depart.
Colourful clothing - even a leopard skin coat - a few hats, and a whole range of wigs blonde, black, brown, pink and yellow were paraded by the musicians, and one member of the trumpet section was a ringer for Worzel Gummidge
Accordingly, the Lincoln Center (2011), Ingram (2008) and Kelly (2009) state that the lead trumpet player be the most experienced and aurally aware member of the trumpet section, and not necessarily the one who can play the highest, although both traits are desirable.
The four musicians look and sound like the original Beatles, performing some 30 of their tunes, set to a live trumpet section, an acoustic guitar, or a string quartet truly a unique blend of rock and classical music.
After some initial struggles the trumpet section came through solidly in the Sanctus and with great poignancy at the conclusion of Part 7.
And of course the encore was the traditional Berliner Luft in which the trumpet section armed themselves with the African Vuvuzuelas fresh from the Football World Cup.