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Noun1.Trumpet tree - tropical American tree with large peltate leaves and hollow stemstrumpet tree - tropical American tree with large peltate leaves and hollow stems
Cecropia, genus Cecropia - large genus of tropical American trees that yield a bast fiber used for cordage and bark used in tanning; milky juice yields caoutchouc
angiospermous tree, flowering tree - any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary
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Likewise, Oliveira & Perez (2012), in evaluating the effect of light on the Trumpet Tree [Tabebuia aurea (Silva Manso) Benth.
Plants like mother-in-law's tongue, with spike-like flowers, which improve air quality, the trumpet tree with fruits to make health-improving tea and cigarette filters, and the flower of the silk cotton tree, which is used for stuffing pillows, make you appreciate how self-sufficient the island is.
He added that the Damas can be replaced with trees' like the Geranium, Pink Trumpet Tree, Bottlebrush, and Neem.
Some of the treasures already on show include the Trumpet Tree, Blue Jacaranda, Heartleaf Iceplant, Indian Almond, Jungle Flame and the Queen of the Night.
English: Paraguyan trumpet tree, Silver trumpet tree, Tree of gold Tecoma gaudichaudi DC Bignoniaceae Sothin-bahar, Shona pata Tecoma stans (L.
In the jungles of French Guiana, Azteca andreae lives symbiotically with the trumpet tree, called Cecropia obtusa, which hosts colonies of the insects in its hollow stems.
The left-hand panel, a sort of prologue to an oneiric story, shows a number of leaves covered with insects and a small self-portrait in dark glasses, with the words CRAZY OLD MAN/LUCKY SUICIDE, BELIEVING IN LIFE BUT STILL A SUICIDE/TRUMPET-TREE/ANT-TREE/SLOTH'S BANANA/THE GAZE AND THE SPIRIT inscribed on his chest and above his head; in the center is a representation of a trumpet tree, indigenous to the Brazilian rain forest, whose fruit feeds the sloth; on the right, geometric patterns evoke the architecture of '50s Rio de Janeiro.
To minimize the reduction of next year's flower display, prune spring-flowering trees, such as magnolias, dogwoods, redbuds, lilacs, trumpet tree, and others, soon after the flower display (Table 7-2).