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Noun1.Truncated cone - a frustum formed from a conetruncated cone - a frustum formed from a cone  
frustum - a truncated cone or pyramid; the part that is left when a cone or pyramid is cut by a plane parallel to the base and the apical part is removed
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As we neared the dark, truncated cone the vessel's speed was diminished until we barely moved.
The Tippmann ersatz 30-round magazine holds 25 rounds and fed everything from Remington's truncated cone Vipers to CCI's lead-free, Copper-22s without a hiccup.
The original .45 Colt bullet profile is known as a truncated cone or round nosed flat point (RNFP).
Bata has a wooden body and the shape is of a truncated cone with two heads of different sizes and tones.
Abbreviations: FJTC, fully jacketed truncated cone; FMJ, full metal jacket; JHR jacketed hollowpoint
For the match Barrett shot the Winchester 3Gun ammo, which features a 147-grain truncated cone bullet.
revolver bullets were too long and heavy, but Sierra made a 170-grain 0.410-inch JHC revolver bullet, and its truncated cone design kept the exposed lead tip small so that it did not impinge on the feedramp.
The lower part, also called "tip," has an inverted truncated cone shape with 1d of base and 2d of top surface with an altitude of 2d, as shown in Figure 1(a).
The purpose of this exercise is to use a simple model (one full cone + one truncated cone) of the feeding mechanism of the Goliath Grouper to determine:

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