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tr.v. trun·cat·ed, trun·cat·ing, trun·cates
1. To shorten or reduce: The script was truncated to leave time for commercials. See Synonyms at shorten.
2. To shorten (a number) by dropping one or more digits after the decimal point.
3. To replace (the edge of a crystal) with a plane face.
1. Appearing to terminate abruptly, as a leaf of a tulip tree or a coiled gastropod shell that lacks a spire.
2. Truncated.

[Latin truncāre, truncāt-, from truncus, trunk; see terə- in Indo-European roots.]

trun′cate′ly adv.
trun·ca′tion n.


(trʌŋˈkeɪ ʃən)

1. the act of truncating.
2. the quality or state of being truncated.
3. the omission of one or more unaccented syllables at the beginning or the end of a line of verse.


the omission of one or more unaccented syllables at the beginning or end of a verse. — truncated, adj.
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Noun1.truncation - the property of being truncated or shorttruncation - the property of being truncated or short
lowness - the quality of being low; lacking height; "he was suddenly aware of the lowness of the ceiling"
2.truncation - the replacement of an edge or solid angle (as in cutting a gemstone) by a plane (especially by a plane that is equally inclined to the adjacent faces)truncation - the replacement of an edge or solid angle (as in cutting a gemstone) by a plane (especially by a plane that is equally inclined to the adjacent faces)
carving, cutting - removing parts from hard material to create a desired pattern or shape
3.truncation - the act of cutting shorttruncation - the act of cutting short; "it is an obvious truncation of the verse"; "they were sentenced to a truncation of their limbs"
shortening - act of decreasing in length; "the dress needs shortening"


[trʌŋˈkeɪʃən] Ntruncamiento m


nKürzung f, → Beschneidung f; (Comput) (of number)Abschneiden nt; (of process)Abbruch m
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Newgen Software, a leading global provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM), and Adaptive Case Management (ACM) solutions, organized a conference on "Check Truncation System (CTS)" in Manila, Philippines on February 4, 2015 with a focus on 'Check Truncation-Redefining Payment Systems Landscape.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-November 27, 2014-NCR announces completion of India's electronic cheque truncation project for NPCI
Mauritius is to shortly introduce the Cheque Truncation System (CTS) - a modern system for clearing cheques.
The report objectives are to (1) determine the gains in economic efficiency from check truncation and evaluate the benefits and costs to the Federal Reserve System (Federal Reserve) and financial institutions; (2) assess consumer acceptance of the check truncation process resulting from Check 21; and (3) evaluate the benefits and costs to bank consumers from check truncation.
Here TV backed DirecTV's statement that the truncation was just "a business decision.
To facilitate check truncation and electronic check exchange, the Check 21 Act authorizes a new negotiable instrument called a "substitute check" and provides that a properly prepared substitute check is the legal equivalent of the original check for all purposes.
The Act provides for voluntary check truncation in the clearing process.
The process is called virtual electronic check truncation and is a new feature of the e-Pay Plus module, which automates the tenant billing process.
Check truncation makes it possible to move checks through the collection process digitally rather than by the more costly and slower physical transportation of paper checks by trucks and airplanes.
an NAA NSC member and provider of Enterprise Class Web-based technology for the real estate industry, now offers client property management companies the ability to process resident check payments electronically onsite via "check truncation.
In solving boundary-value problems, multigrid methods can provide computable estimates of the truncation error by comparing discretizations on grids of different mesh sizes.
A trend currently in development is called check truncation.