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Noun1.truncation error - (mathematics) a miscalculation that results from cutting off a numerical calculation before it is finished
miscalculation, misestimation, misreckoning - a mistake in calculating
math, mathematics, maths - a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
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Extract [??] = diag([[summation].sub.11], [[summation].sub.22], [[summation].sub.kk]) (first largest k singular values) with [[summation].sub.(k+1)(k+1)] - [[epsilon].sub.rec][[summation].sub.11] < [[summation].sub.kk], where [[epsilon].sub.rec] is a relative truncation error to control the content of recompression.
There are little computational differences at higher frequencies, which may be due to the frequency-independent approximation of the impedance Zs or the larger operating wavelength, the larger truncation error.
where p is the order of the linear multistep method, O([h.sup.p+1]) is the local truncation error, and [C.sub.p] is defined as
where the truncation error [R.sub.i] and r are given by (3.2) and (3.5) respectively.
Stability and local truncation error of the NSFD scheme are examined in Section 3.
[P.sub.ij] and [Q.sub.ij] are N x N matrices, O is the zero matrix, [bar.Y] = [(h[y'.sub.0], [y.sub.1], ..., [y.sub.N-1], h[y'.sub.1], ..., h[y'.sub.N]).sup.T], F = [(h[f'.sub.0]), [f.sub.1], ..., [f.sub.N-1], h[f'.sub.1], ..., h[f'.sub.N]).sup.T], C is a vector of constants, and L(h) is the truncation error vector of the formulas in (24) and 4.
The output signal of the LUT method was affected by the truncation error due to the limited data depth [11].
In addition, the stage of updating the rotation vector has the truncation error for approximation.
Similar to the proof of the Theorem 2, the truncation error of formula (40) is given by following theorem.
Bounds for truncation error in sampling expansions of finite energy band-limited signals.