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1. A small wheel or roller.
2. The motion or noise of rolling: "The train is in full trundle now, wheels singing on the tracks" (Michael Lowenthal).
3. A trundle bed.
4. A low-wheeled cart; a dolly.
v. trun·dled, trun·dling, trun·dles
1. To push or propel on one or more wheels or rollers: "I doubt if Emerson could trundle a wheelbarrow through the streets" (Henry David Thoreau).
2. To carry, convey, or cause to move, especially in a vehicle: "His mother had trundled him off to Sunday school ... right up to the time he was ten" (Tom Wolfe).
1. To move along by rolling or spinning: The bus trundled down the road.
2. To move slowly, noisily, or clumsily: The sheep trundled through the gate into the field.

[Variant of dialectal trendle, wheel, from Middle English, from Old English trendel, circle.]

trun′dler n.
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1. a golf bag or shopping trolley
2. a child's pushchair
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The Brewers managed just one attempt on target, and that was an early trundler into the arms of Muric.
Certainly the player is oozing confidence at the momentbut he is still one-paced, a trundler at times, and a guy who can not only lose discipline but enthusiasm over a season.
Certainly the player is oozing confidence at the moment, which is a crucial factor with strikers in particular and something he lost at Newcastle, but he is still one-paced, a trundler at times, and a guy who can not only lose discipline but enthusiasm over a season.
Chris Cadden bent an effort well off target before the roles were reversed at the other end when Scougall played in Kane who aimed a trundler at Carson when he ought to have done much better.
Across from thundering Eurostar trains at Ashford International, over on platform 2C, is the two-coach Marshlink trundler, which sets off to jog across the flats of Romney Marshes to Hastings, on a journey into a different world.
Some of Queens' football was a joy with Paul Burns and Michael Paton flashing volleys over the top before Ridgers scrambled to push a 25–yard Danny Carmichael trundler wide.
The latter had good pace when he made his international debut in 2006, but now turned into a trundler in the OUT OF ACTION Indian Premier League.
Their excellent second-wicket partnership allowed Spa to post a formidable 138 for three, after which tidy Powerplay spells from Young and former Berkswell trundler Paul Rowe (three for 12) put the Berkswell response under immediate pressure.
Her blonde hair cascades down her back as she pulls along a trundler with some of her designer clothes inside, down an isle in the 99p store.
In the preceding two Twenty20 World Cups, they weren't really up to their irretrievable dominance, but taking the shortened version of highly marketable cricket in a different perspective, they evolved a champion team, perfectly modelled, a blend of natural talent, mental toughness, well-guided flamboyance, sustained aggression and an unending professionalism; and they were comfortable chasing 190 plus against slow bowlers on a pitch that could have assisted even a roadside trundler. It was a perfect example of thoroughbred and well-conditioned team battering a bunch of self-inflictors.
Sadly for this excellent and wholehearted player who has served the club so well for the last few seasons, we were later to establish that Broad Oak's big Aussie trundler De Araugo had reached 50 wickets about half an hour before, thus securing the Examiner prize.
WALL-E is a little trundler left behind to clear up the mess of human kind which has fled to the stars to escape the rubbish filled, polluted world it has created and literally find some, er, space.