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A pin or gudgeon, especially either of two small cylindrical projections on a cannon forming an axis on which it pivots.

[French trognon, stump.]


1. (Mechanical Engineering) one of a pair of coaxial projections attached to opposite sides of a container, cannon, etc, to provide a support about which it can turn in a vertical
2. (Mechanical Engineering) the structure supporting such a projection
[C17: from Old French trognon trunk]
ˈtrunnioned adj


(ˈtrʌn yən)

1. either of the two cylindrical projections on a cannon, one on each side, for supporting the cannon on its carriage.
2. any of various similar supports for machinery.
[1615–25; < French trognon trunk, stump, core (of fruit)]
trun′nioned, adj.


[ˈtrʌnɪən] Nmuñón m
References in classic literature ?
There was some justification for Kim - he had kicked Lala Dinanath's boy off the trunnions - since the English held the Punjab and Kim was English.
George Willard found Louise Trunnion in the kitchen of her father's house.
Louise Trunnion came out across the potato patch holding the dish cloth in her hand.
The young newspaper reporter had received a let- ter from Louise Trunnion.
When Louise Trunnion came out of the front door of her house she still wore the gingham dress in which she had been washing dishes.
I have seen Tom Pipes go climbing up the church-steeple; I have watched Strap, with the knapsack on his back, stopping to rest himself upon the wicket-gate; and I know that Commodore Trunnion held that club with Mr.
In addition, the forces inside the cylinder due to weight are directly absorbed where they are produced and do not need to be directed via flanged, cast end walls and bearing trunnions.
Machined trunnions don't usually break, but cast trunnions on overgassed guns are relatively new.
An AK receiver is simply a "U" shaped piece of formed sheet metal that houses sub-assemblies such as the trunnions and fire control group.
Options include a drain plug and a flip-up drain screen, dumping trunnions, and a frame for easy dumping from hook hoist or forklift.
With the frame bent, the front and rear trunnions can be installed.