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And how secretly, simply, and most of all, how trustfully! I feel myself better, purer.
They often ran about the forest alone and gathered red berries, and no beasts did them any harm, but came close to them trustfully. The little hare would eat a cabbage-leaf out of their hands, the roe grazed by their side, the stag leapt merrily by them, and the birds sat still upon the boughs, and sang whatever they knew.
I took her up with scrupulous care, and her little arm was at once clasped trustfully round my neck.
Tell me all about it, frankly and trustfully, as you ought, and we will talk it over so satisfactorily that you won't give me up."
When Agnes laid her bonnet on the table, and sat down beside her, I could not but think, looking on her mild eyes and her radiant forehead, how natural it seemed to have her there; how trustfully, although she was so young and inexperienced, my aunt confided in her; how strong she was, indeed, in simple love and truth.
Biofrontera and Maruho have been working together closely and trustfully for many years.
When one begins to imitate Mary, realizing her limitations and weaknesses but trustfully yearn to be the Good Shepherd, one will be able to follow God with much perseverance.
In the Gospel, the centurion teaches us to wait patiently and trustfully for the saving work of Jesus in our life.
The situation is possibly the reason why the judiciary as a state institution has an upper hand over the government and is looked upon more trustfully by the public.
We work to enable the Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Humanitarian City to fully contribute in fostering the culture of safety and quality in a way that moves in line with CBAHI's vision." Abdullah bin Hamad bin Zaraa said: "We are happy to extend our cooperation with the CBAHI by signing such an important agreement through which we trustfully continue the march of progress.
The great impasse of this practice is in the use of these limits of the law, where a manager can choose to defend their interests, and not to trustfully reflect the information to the various users, interfering in the decision making process.