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Any of various parasitic flagellate protozoans of the genus Trypanosoma, transmitted to the vertebrate bloodstream, lymph, and spinal fluid by certain insects and often causing diseases such as sleeping sickness and nagana.

[From New Latin Trȳpanosōma, genus name : Greek trūpanon, auger (from trūpān, to bore, from trūpē, hole; see terə- in Indo-European roots) + Greek sōma, body; see -some3.]

try·pan′o·so′mal, try·pan′o·som′ic (-sŏm′ĭk) adj.
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a. tripanosómico-a, rel. a un tripanosoma o que es afectado por éste.
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That is true also for the trypanosomal amastigotes of Chagas disease, which are identical in appearance except that unlike Leishmania they have no predilection for histiocytes.