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A pancreatic enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of proteins to form smaller polypeptide units.

[Perhaps Greek trīpsis, a rubbing (from its having been first obtained by rubbing a pancreas with glycerin), from trībein, to rub; see terə- in Indo-European roots + -in.]

tryp′tic (-tĭk) adj.
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iTRAQ([R]) utilizes isobaric tags to label peptides from a tryptic digestion, followed by fractionation using a Nano HPLC column.
Seven different tryptic peptides are monitored using multiple reaction monitoring (amino acid residues, peptide number): SV SEIQLMHNLGK (1-13, P1), LM HNLGK (7-13, P2), HLNSMER (14-20, P3), LQDVHNFVALGA PLAPR (28-44, P4), FVALGAPL APR (34-44, P5), VALGAPLAPR (35-44, P6), and ADVNVLTK (73-80, P7).
discovery-oriented proteomics research, primarily for the analysis of tryptic peptides.
In-gel tryptic digestion: The protein spots of interest were cut out from the preparative gels using pipette tips and extracted from the gels according to the published method (Dahlan et al.
The impact of tryptic digestibility on amaranth-protein complexes has illustrated that dye may safely be used without any adverse effect.
The mutant strain exhibited slower growth in tryptic soy broth (TSB) than the parental strain, but the two had similar growth rates in TSB that had been supplemented with yeast extract.
BACKGROUND: Preclinical results in rats have demonstrated anxiolytic-like effects of a tryptic bovine alphaS1-casein hydrolysate.
americanum nymphs Protein in tryptic digest Fed on rabbit Fed on sheep Immunoglobulin 3/4 3/4 Globin ([alpha] or [beta]) 1/4 3/4 Histone H3 1/4 3/4 Histone H2 3/4 3/4 Tubulin 1/4 2/4 Keratin 0/4 3/4 Actin 1/4 3/4 Cytochrome c-type heme lyase 0/4 0/4 [greater than or equal to] 1 of above 4/4 4/4 No.
DAT and tryptic fragments were isolate by epitope specific immunoprecipitation and separated by SDS-PAGE analysis on a 9-16% gradient gel.
The most versatile kind of agar is the Tryptic Soy agar used to determine the total count.
The SafeTsource product line also includes non-animal origin tryptic soy broth culture media and a cryoprotectant agent.