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 (trĭp′tə-făn′) also tryp·to·phane (-fān′)
An essential amino acid, C11H12N2O2, formed from proteins during digestion by the action of proteolytic enzymes. It is necessary for normal growth and development and is the precursor of several substances, including serotonin and niacin.

[trypt(ic), of trypsin (formed on the model of pepsin, peptic); see trypsin + -phan(e).]
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Noun1.tryptophane - an amino acid that occurs in proteins; is essential for growth and normal metabolism; a precursor of niacin
essential amino acid - an amino acid that is required by animals but that they cannot synthesize; must be supplied in the diet
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tigridis, is an index for comparing the relative nutritional value of seafood oil.Leucine and lysine were the most important proportions of the essential amino acids, and tryptophane was the minor one.
the blocker of tryptophane hydroxylase, significantly decreased the number of larvae reaching the upper chamber (Fig.
The influence of various amounts of pyridoxine hydrochloride upon the abnormal tryptophane load test in pregnant women.
Les legumineuses sont riches en acides amines tryptophane et lysine qui sont deficients dans les cereales [20, 21].
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According to the previous results [34], these major bands were mainly assigned to ascorbic acid (1132 [cm.sup.-1], 1664 [cm.sup.-1]), L-serine (1220 [cm.sup.-1]), nucleic acid, tryptophane (1323 [cm.sup.-1]), acetoacetate (1445 [cm.sup.-1]), L-phenylalanine (1584 [cm.sup.-1]), and citric acid (1695 [cm.sup.-1]) as well.
Il renferme du tryptophane. De cet acide amine derive la serotonine, un sedatif naturel que l'on retrouve dans notre cerveau.
vulnificus Item isolates Gram--staining Gram--negative slightly curved rods Motility Motile O/129 sensitivity (150 mg) + B--Galactosidase production -- (OP.N.G) Arginine dihydrolase production (ADH) Lysine decarboxylase Variable production(LDC) Ornithine decarboxylase Variable production(ODC) Citrate utilization (CIT) -- H2S production(H2S) -- Urease production(URE) -- Tryptophane deaminase -- production (TDA) Indole production(IND) Variable Acetoin production(VP) -- Gelatinase production(CEL) Variable Acid from glucose(GLU) Variable Acid from manitol(MAN) Variable Acid from inositol(INO) -- Acid from Sorbitol(SOR) -- Acid from rhamnose(RHA) -- Acid from sucrose(SAC) -- Acid from melibiose(MEL) -- Acid from amygdalin (AMY) + Acid from arabinose (ARA) -- Cytochrome oxidase (OX) +
Most valuable are the following essential amino acids: valine, lysine, tryptophane, etc [3].
A number of dietary polyphenols with redox properties (resveratrol, quercetin, curcumin, etc.), indoles, tryptophane metabolites, bilirubin, and oxidised products of lipid metabolism have been suggested as nontoxic ligands-activators or ligands-inhibitors of AhR expression by competitive and noncompetitive pathways [181,182].