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 (trī′səl, -sāl′)
A small fore-and-aft sail hoisted abaft a mast in a storm to keep a vessel's bow to the wind.

[From obsolete try, a lying to, heaving to.]


(ˈtraɪˌseɪl; nautical ˈtraɪsəl)
(Nautical Terms) a small fore-and-aft sail, triangular or square, set on the mainmast of a sailing vessel in foul weather to help keep her head to the wind. Also called: storm trysail


(ˈtraɪˌseɪl; Naut. -səl)

a triangular or quadrilateral sail having its luff hooped or otherwise bent to a mast, used for lying to or keeping a vessel headed into the wind; spencer.
[1760–70; try (in sense “to lie to in heavy weather”)]
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The Nan-Shan was being looted by the storm with a senseless, destructive fury: trysails torn out of the extra gaskets, double-lashed awnings blown away, bridge swept clean, weather-cloths burst, rails twisted, light-screens smashed -- and two of the boats had gone already.
Michael Putzel; THE PRICE THEY PAID; Trysail Publishing (Nonfiction: Biography) 14.99 ISBN: 9780986132100
Details: Dana Paxton, Media Pro Int'l for Storm Trysail Club, (401) 849-0220.
Even better, get it down below totally when going to trysail. Don't roughly flake it on the boom--the extra area presented to the big waves just makes knocking you over easier.
In May, Comanche won the Storm Trysail Club's 185-nautical mile Block Island Race from Stamford Yacht Club in Connecticut, down Long Island Sound, around Block Island in Rhode Island and back to Stamford, taking out line honours, race record and overall win.
It related to 'Audio recording of conversation between ABC helicopter and Investec Loyal seeking information from the helicopter of the sail plan in use on Wild Oats XL In particular information as to whether Wild Oats XI was flying a trysail. This is assessed to breach R R.S 41 by soliciting help from an outside source'.
Storm Trysail Block 21-26 June 2009 Rhode Island, USA