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1. An agreement between lovers to meet at a certain time and place.
2. A usually private meeting or meeting place that has been agreed on by lovers. See Synonyms at engagement.
intr.v. tryst·ed, tryst·ing, trysts
To keep a tryst.

[Middle English trist, from Old French triste, a waiting place (in hunting); see deru- in Indo-European roots.]

tryst′er n.
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All the air was laden with the bitter fragrance of the May, and all the bosky shades of the woodlands beyond rang with the sweet song of birds--the throstle cock, the cuckoo, and the wood pigeon-- and with the song of birds mingled the cool sound of the gurgling brook that leaped out of the forest shades, and ran fretting amid its rough, gray stones across the sunlit open glade before the trysting tree.
Relocking the gate the two strolled arm in arm to the little bower which was their trysting place.
"It seems to me that the little girls Diana and I used to be play here still, and sit by the Dryad's Bubble in the twilights, trysting with the ghosts.