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 (zä-rē′nə, tsä-)
Variant of czarina.
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(zɑːˈriːnə) or




(zɑːˈrɪtsə) or


(Historical Terms) the wife of a Russian tsar; Russian empress
[from Italian, Spanish czarina, from German Czarin]
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Noun1.tsarina - the wife or widow of a czartsarina - the wife or widow of a czar    
female aristocrat - a woman who is an aristocrat
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[zɑːˈriːnə] Nzarina f
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tzarina, czarina [zɑːˈriːnə] ntsarine f
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nZarin f
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[zɑːˈriːnə] nzarina
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"The tiara was part of a matching suite (parure) that had been a wedding present to Princess Alice from her maternal uncle and aunt, Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra of Russia, when she married Prince Andrew of Greece in 1903," Charlene Dargay wrote on (https://www.quora.com/Where-did-Prince-Philip-get-the-engagement-ring-he-gave-to-Elizabeth-Does-she-still-wear-it) Quora.
She later discovered it was possibly part of a tiara or necklace worn by a Russian tsarina in the early 19th century.
We report on the growing calls for a national women in business champion (page 34) - a 'tsarina' if you like - and the continually stubborn issue of the gender pay gap (page 39) where it has emerged that in some of our major companies the gap is growing rather than narrowing.
"Everything in life doesn't go the way you want it to, but there are always solutions to those hiccups," the TV tsarina had written on social media, while announcing the "path-changing" phase of her life in January.
Undeterred, the sisters become resolved to make their mark by falling in with the lonely, depressed Tsarina Alexandra, who--as an Anglo-German--is also an outsider and is not fully accepted by members of the court.
"He had to be very careful he wasn't seen to be sticking the Tsarina, who was Queen Victoria's granddaughter, and the man who had been Emperor of Russia somewhere out of the way." Alexandra, 34, added: "The king did not take his decision to deny the Romanovs asylum in Britain lightly.
1785 - Russian tsarina Catharina II ends noble privileges
I SPY a Tory scandal when the party has pocketed PS3million from Russian oligarchs and chums, including PS820,000 during the reign of Tsarina Theresa.
Even the Tsarina herself was seduced by his evil ways and his influence began to dominate government policy.
IANS TV tsarina Ekta Kapoor, daughter of veteran actor Jeetendra, says when she started her career on television as a producer, channel owners were not ready to meet her and work with her.
Neither knows where they came from, but Ana knows she loves Di and will do anything to repair his damaged memory core--including stealing coordinates to the lost ship, the Tsarina, from Robb Valerio (brother of the Ironblood heir apparent).