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Noun1.tsaritsa - the wife or widow of a czartsaritsa - the wife or widow of a czar    
female aristocrat - a woman who is an aristocrat
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Their construction will take place along with the expansion of Tsaritsa Yoana Blvd., but Jorgov stressed that their funding is far from certain.
from jail) historical perspectives (confessions by Lady Nijo and the last diary of Tsaritsa Alexandra), literary lives (letters of Mary Woolstonecraft), theory (Kierkegaard), travel and exploration (John Wesley, motorcycle diaries by Che Guevara), war experiences (Anne Frank, Lucy Buck of Virginia), and work and family life (Victor Klemperer's diary of the Nazi years and a journal by Sir Walter Scott).
The girl, Gergana Ilieva, was admitted to Tsaritsa Yoanna Hospital in Sofia on December 8 for a tonsillectomy.
Yet few concrete examples exist of the way in which these German advisors to the tsaritsa interacted with each other and with foreign, especially British, representatives.
The last Tsaritsa of Russia, Alexandra Fyodorovna, was shot down in a cellar along with her husband and young children on the night of 16-17 August 1918.
His other works include the epic cycle of poems Epopeya na zabravenite (1881-84; "Epic of the Forgotten"); the novella Nemili-nedragi (1883; "Unloved and Unwanted"); the novels Nova zemya (1896; "New Land") and Kazalarskata tsaritsa (1903; "The Empress of Kazalar"); and the plays Khushove (1894), Borislav (1909), and Kum propast (1910; "Toward the Abyss").
"Most likely it is not only the Tsaritsa that has been moved out of the country, but we know about that one because of the entire affair," he said.
It is planned to build a new parking space for 1000 cars in Ljulin, as well as a station at "Tsaritsa Yoanna" Blvd.
The festival of Bulgarian folklore in Brussels gathered dancers, musicians and singers from the Academy of Music and Dance in Plovdiv, Tarnovo Tsaritsa ensemble from Veliko Tarnovo, as well as kukeri from the village of Rakovski.