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Noun1.tsetse - bloodsucking African flytsetse - bloodsucking African fly; transmits sleeping sickness etc.
fly - two-winged insects characterized by active flight
genus Glossina - type genus of the Glossinidae: tsetse flies
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tsetse (fly)

nTsetsefliege f
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Usually, after the lion came the leopard and sometimes the buzz of the tsetse fly.
It was a journey of more than a thousand miles from Durban, the last three hundred or so of which we had to make on foot, owing to the frequent presence of the dreadful "tsetse" fly, whose bite is fatal to all animals except donkeys and men.
Her horse had traveled all day without food or water, night was approaching and with it a realization that she was hopelessly lost in a wild and trackless country notorious principally for its tsetse flies and savage beasts.
Dr Mwenda Mbaka, former Kenya Veterinary Board chairman, said that so long as the expertise of students is not developed to meet the demand of the industry, then the country cannot meet its development agenda or create employment.-Leopold ObiScentists find scent from zebra could help fight trypanosomiasisScientists have established that specific odours found in zebra skin could boost the management of the deadly and devastating African trypanosomiasis disease, which is transmitted by tsetse flies to people and livestock.
The commendation came from Otse chief, Kgosi Mothusi Tsetse, during a taking-services-to-the-people activity in the village.
The Agriculture ministry, through the Kenya Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Council (KENTTEC), vaccinated more than 60,000 head of cattle against nagana.
Transmitted by the bite of a tsetse fly, it causes neuropsychiatric symptoms; including aggression, psychosis, and a debilitating disruption of sleep patterns that have given this neglected disease its name.
The tsetse fly, commonly found in Africa, transmits a disease called sleeping sickness that can lead to serious neurological problems.
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh analysed a decade-long puzzle about the behaviour of the parasites spread by the bite of the tsetse fly.
Producer and director Rosie Thomas said: "The number of things we faced every day was ridiculous - like blood-sucking mosquitos and tsetse flies."