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or tzim·mes  (tsĭm′ĭs)
1. A stew of vegetables or fruits cooked slowly over very low heat.
2. Informal A state of confusion.

[Yiddish tsimes : Middle High German ze, zuo, to, for (from Old High German; see de- in Indo-European roots) + Middle High German imbiz, light meal (from Old High German, from enbizzan, to eat : in, in; see en in Indo-European roots + bīzan, bizzan, to bite; see bheid- in Indo-European roots).]


or tsim•mes

(ˈtsɪm ɪs)

1. a casserole or stew of vegetables, fruit, and sometimes meat.
2. Slang. fuss; uproar; hullabaloo.
[1890–95; < Yiddish tsimes < Middle High German z, ze, unstressed variant of zuo at, to + imbīz light meal; see in-1, bite]
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Last week Joan Nathan shared recipes for sweet potato latkes and sweet potato tsimmes that look delicious enough to convert even the most Thanksgivukkah-averse.
We didn't need to push tables together, and we didn't argue over the commentaries on the Passover story, but we probably ate the same foods--kugel and tsimmes and matzo ball soup, and we followed the prescribed rituals, the same for all Jews.
The main attraction is Gusta's brisket tsimmes and lokshen kugel, which went nowhere as Mulligan stew and hot apple pie.
chicken soup chopped liver chopped herring gefilte fish stuffed cabbage (sweet and sour variant) potato kugel and lokshen kugel blintzes tsimmes honey cake (lekakh) teyglakh hamentaschen mandelbroyt
Modernity increasingly creeps in as the album progresses, especially on the lazy and faintly comical final song, A Meydl Like a Tsimmes, whose lyrics are in English.
Borscht, beet salad, fish, chicken, applesauce, tsimmes, walnut cake.
Here are my four favorites: my 100-year-old mother's standard sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and pineapples from the original Jewish Holiday Kitchen, a southwestern tsimmes with cilantro stuffed in Anaheim chilies from chef Lenard Rubin, a curried sweet potato latke from the New Prospect Cafe in Park Slope Brooklyn, both from Jewish Cooking in America and Moroccan Sweet Potatoes and Vegetables from Joan Nathan's Jewish Holiday Cookbook.
The press loved the book, with one exception: In Kirkus, the reviewer suggested that my sweet-potato tsimmes with pineapple and marshmallows was more suitable for Thanksgiving than one for Sukkot, as I had categorized it.
Myra would talk about cooking her tsimmes and other dishes for her children and grandchildren, the most important people in her life besides her beloved Robert.