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n. pl. tsu·na·mis or tsunami
A very large ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption.

[Japanese : tsu, harbor + nami, wave (so called because tsunamis generally pass unnoticed on the open sea, causing a slight swell, but rise to cause damage in the shallow waters of harbors ).]

tsu·na′mic (-mĭk) adj.
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(Physical Geography) belonging or relating to a tsunami, or like a tsunami
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It is also important to see this as contradistinction with the 'tsunamic' Buhari of 2015.
Such claims reached tsunamic proportions during the Obama years, and have subsided only somewhat since the election of President Donald Trump.
The speed and fury of the campaigns for federalism are tsunamic. What to me was most despicable about this is that the people were told and made to believe about federalism as the only solution to eliminate "Imperial Manila" and give the Local Government Units broader powers and a bigger share from the central government's funds and resources.
An imposter will be met by massive, intensive and Tsunamic rejection, thereafter immediate eviction," Wabomba told the Star on phone on Thursday.
Some mechanisms commenced as expected but got slowed down later by the tsunamic change of cabinet in Juba in July 2013 and the resultant outbreak of mid-December 2013 crisis of the deadly SPLM/A's leadership struggle.