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n. pl. tuatara or tu·a·ta·ras
Either of two lizardlike reptiles (Sphenodon punctatus or S. guntheri) that inhabit several small New Zealand islands and are the only extant members of the group Rhynchocephalia or Sphenodontia, which flourished during the Mesozoic Era. Also called sphenodon.

[Maori tuatara : tua, back + tara, spine.]


(Animals) a greenish-grey lizard-like rhynchocephalian reptile, Sphenodon punctatus, occurring only on certain small islands near New Zealand: it is the sole surviving member of a group common in Mesozoic times. Also called: hatteria
[C19: from Māori, from tua back + tara spine]


(ˌtu əˈtɑr ə)

also tu•a•te•ra

(-ˈtɛər ə)

n., pl. -ras.
a large lizardlike reptile, Sphenodon punctatus, of New Zealand: the only surviving rhynchocephalian.
[1810–20;< Maori, =tua dorsal + tara spine]
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Noun1.tuatara - only extant member of the order Rhynchocephalia of large spiny lizard-like diapsid reptiles of coastal islands off New Zealandtuatara - only extant member of the order Rhynchocephalia of large spiny lizard-like diapsid reptiles of coastal islands off New Zealand
diapsid, diapsid reptile - reptile having a pair of openings in the skull behind each eye
genus Sphenodon, Sphenodon - coextensive with the order Rhynchocephalia: tuataras
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In the Late Triassic period, the hills of south Wales and the south west of England formed an archipelago that was inhabited with small dinosaurs and relatives of the Tuatara, a reptilian fossil from New Zealand.
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This breaks down as: 6,110 species of lizards, 3,414 species of snakes, 322 turtle species, 193 species of Amphisbaenia 'worm lizards', 24 types of crocodile, and the single species of New Zealand tuatara.
Striking, full-color photography offers an up-close and personal glimpse of animals such as the lungfish, the microscopic tardigrade, the chambered nautilus, the ferocious goblin shark, the New Zealand tuatara (closest living cousin of the dinosaurs), and much more.
Secretary Boris Johnson holds a Tuatara lizard during a visit to Zealandia ecosanctuary in Wellington, New Zealand.
Genetic diversity and differentiation at MHC genes in island populations of tuatara (Sphenodon spp.
Trivia: While it's home to the tuatara, a reptile which has remained unchanged in 65 million years, there is not a single snake in New Zealand.