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 (to͞o′bə, tyo͞o′-)
1. A large, valved, brass instrument with a bass pitch.
2. A reed stop in an organ, having eight-foot pitch.

[Italian, from Latin, trumpet; akin to tubus, tube.]

tu′ba·ist, tu′bist n.


a musician who plays the tuba
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A-reir Comann nan Iasgairean seo an tubaist as miosa bho chionn tri fichead bliadhna anns na h-Eileanan.
Twice the tubaist is asked to glissando "to highest note"- it is hard to tell if this is playful or out of frustration (let's assume the former
Tha da cheud tubaist air an A9 a h-uile bliadhna, corr is tri fichead bas thairis air coig bliadhna.