tubal pregnancy

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Noun1.tubal pregnancy - ectopic pregnancy in a Fallopian tubetubal pregnancy - ectopic pregnancy in a Fallopian tube
eccyesis, ectopic gestation, ectopic pregnancy, extrauterine gestation, extrauterine pregnancy, metacyesis - pregnancy resulting from gestation elsewhere than in the uterus
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9] Similarly, peritubal adhesions subsequent to appendicitis, salpingitis or endometriosis may increase the risk of tubal pregnancy.
In that case, it's called an ectopic pregnancy or a tubal pregnancy.
Endometrial thickness as an orienting factor for the medical treatment of unruptured tubal pregnancy.
Hemostatic gelatine-thrombin matrix (Floseal[R]) facilitates hemostasis and organ preservation in laparoscopic treatment of tubal pregnancy.
10 Tubal pregnancy without intrauterine pregnancy O00.
For instance, a leading Catholic healthcare theologian, Thomas O'Donnell, claims that no intervention is permissible unless, or until, the fallopian tube is so pathologically affected that ending the tubal pregnancy is justified.
It occurs following an extrauterine tubal pregnancy that ruptures and gets reimplanted within the abdomen.
1) Bilateral tubal pregnancy is a rare disease, which occurs in 1 per 200,000 pregnancies.
7 times higher than that of tubal pregnancy and 90 times greater than that of intrauterine pregnancy.
and 1979 on 149 patients having tubal pregnancy and 706 control women having an intrauterine pregnancy during the same time period.
Tubal pregnancy subsequent to transperitoneal migration of spermatozoa.