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adj. tub·bi·er, tub·bi·est
1. Having a rounded shape: a tubby fishing boat.
2. Derogatory Short and plump.
3. Having a dull sound; lacking resonance.

tub′bi·ness n.
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Noun1.tubbiness - the property of having a plump and round bodytubbiness - the property of having a plump and round body
embonpoint, plumpness, roundness - the bodily property of being well rounded
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Having destroyed two pairs of suit trousers through sheer tubbiness in recent months, I'm used to having to breathe in when out and about.
Hear me out, as in January you'll get the New Year's Resolution Brigade, people losing their minds at which diet to do, wanting the fastest way to lose the Christmas tubbiness, the 'new year new you' programs written by trainers and chucked all over Facebook, telling you that you're fat when you're feeling pretty over indulged.
You've beaten the life expectancy by quite a bit, I'd wager, with or without your time-honored tubbiness.