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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - constituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids)
hollow - not solid; having a space or gap or cavity; "a hollow wall"; "a hollow tree"; "hollow cheeks"; "his face became gaunter and more hollow with each year"
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The pump has a tube-shaped channel, 1 mm in diameter, inside of which rows of electrodes are printed.
A surgical catheter is a medical device of thin tube-shaped which is generally used to perform various surgical procedures in order to treat chronic diseases.
Also called cigar flower, this annual has tube-shaped, red-orange flowers.
The surgeons removed 80 per cent of Mr Muthama's stomach, leaving a "tube-shaped stomach the size and shape of a banana".
During work on the stones in 1958 the tube-shaped core was removed and remained in a display case in the Hampshire office of a worker involved in the project, Robert Phillips, until he retired.
A coronary stent is a tube-shaped device placed in the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart, to keep the arteries open in the treatment of coronary heart disease.
They had extremely short forelimbs, strong single claw, and long, tube-shaped snouts for feeding on ant-like insects.
Key to attracting butterflies is to provide them with lots of nectar sources; they also prefer to feed on open, tube-shaped flowers.
Caption: Figure 2: Coronal view showing tube-shaped formations (red arrow) extending from the right retrovesical region to the mesogastrium, without any conveyance with the vesical lumen.
Carbon nanotubes are tube-shaped materials, made of carbon with a diameter measured on the nanometer scale.
Instead, I wash all the soap out of it, snip the tie holding it together, and unwind yards of pretty, tube-shaped mesh for hanging my homemade lard and birdseed suet cakes.