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Adj.1.tubelike - constituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids)
hollow - not solid; having a space or gap or cavity; "a hollow wall"; "a hollow tree"; "hollow cheeks"; "his face became gaunter and more hollow with each year"
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Our steamed bao - light and fluffy buns filled with aubergine or ox cheek - were lovely, as was the chicken cuu yar 'special' with tubelike rice ribbon noodles, vegetables and spicy chilli bean sauce.
I also found a mask made from straw that, as the vendor helpfully showed us, could be rolled into a sort of tubelike parcel and easily stowed in a suitcase without damage.
The distal half of the sensory cell produces a sensory cavity formed by a long tubelike invagination of its apical membrane.
It was at this point that our project initial began - a small (and rather heinous) rendering of a series of tubelike fingers attached to a square block powered by (impractical) micromotors."
Oliver Hardy, standing next to Stan Laurel and two women, holds up an enormous pair of women's underwear in what Schefer calls "one of the most obscene photographs I know." An image from Freaks of a character Schefer dubs "The Sausage"--an armless, legless bald man swaddled in a tubelike sweater and smoking a cigarette in front of a small pedestal "inspires in us the idea of the public writer." This section of the book reads a bit like a cracked inversion of his mentor Roland Barthes's Mythologies (1957): Rather than restoring mass-cultural objects to their historical conditions, it treats idiosyncratic visions as if they were eternal products of nature.
(e) Typical images of the tubelike structures in the presence of M2-CM cultured on Matrigel at 18 h.
VITTA A Pertaining to calving B Tubelike cavity found in plants C Tenacious of life who am I?
According to Linthoingambi & Vishwanath (2008), the laterosensory pores are at the tips of short tubelike prolongations aranged longitudinally in pairs of A.
pretty flower, stem leaves and all; not waiting for the tubelike root to form.
The marimba is similar to a xylophone, but has tubelike resonators underneath the keys to convey the sounds.
However if pasta is your order of the day then do ask for their Paccheri con Aragosta e Granchio (Dh72) - the big-sized tubelike pasta from Campania and Calabria in the country's south that comes with lobster and crab in a delectably tangy tomato sauce and garnished with asparagus.
This solid 4-inch soft plastic bait has a short tentacle skirt at the back of the tubelike body and is heavily salted for added weight.