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L. tuberculum, tubérculo.
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Potential pinniped remains recorded from AE-14 are constituted by a partial thoracic cage (45 cm long), with seven articulated thoracic vertebrae and articulated double-headed ribs and connected with their respective vertebrae via capitula and tubercula (Fig.
Embora nao apresentando a mesma eficiencia que no presente trabalho, a aplicacao de calda sulfocalcica tambem foi relatada causando mortalidade de 23,3% em ninfas de Bemisia tubercula (Bondar, 1923) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) sobre plantas de mandioca (Rheinheimer et al., 2012).
The presented photograph of tubercula pubertatis and description of the material were based on individuals other than type material, and referred to 'composite zuluensis", as determined earlier by Michaelsen (1913).
tubercula Lee and Kim, 1990 from Taibei with big barbulate macrosetae, well developed tubercles and weakly fused Di tubercles on head.
Duration of the stages (mean [+ or -] standard error of the mean) in distinct development periods of Bemisia tubercula, on cassava, in a greenhouse, Temp.: 26 [+ or -] 4 [degrees]C.
It included small breast tumours, called tubercula, associated with lactation which might have been fibro-adenosis or retention cysts.
3) whitish or pinkish grey, body plump and compact; when preserved slightly extended, usually 25-100 mm, rarely reaching 150 mm; 3-15 mm wide at segment 10, much wider at tubercula pubertatis.
Embryonic earlobes (tubercula auricularia) had a low level of development and located at both craneal sides; they were just at the border of cervical area and in line with optical vesicles (Figs.
Clitellum annular or saddle-shaped (juvenile?), tubercula pubertatis absent.