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L. tuberculum, tubérculo.
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This allows to safely approach the sella turcica, optic nerve, tuberculum sella and planum sphenoidale for surgeons, in some lesions including skull base lesions and cerebrospinal fluid leaks (Wiebracth & Zimmer).
The tongue appears in the embryo in 4 weeks of gestation as 2 lateral lingual swellings and one medial swelling, the tuberculum impar.
11-15) and the deep sub-condylar fossae (Fossa subcondylaris), such fossa is surrounded by two well developed basilar tubercles (Tuberculum basilare).
A high-density area was noted extending from tuberculum molare to the right first premolar region, which leads to significant expansion of the right maxillary bone, maxillary sinus walls, intramedullary area and cortical thinning.
B) Axial T2WI, There is dural thickening and enhancement along the left cribriform plate, tuberculum sella and floor of sella.
Optic tract edema in a meningioma of the tuberculum sellae.
Posterior ankle impingement syndrome (PAIS) is a painful, usually limited plantar flexion of the ankle joint due to posterior impingement of either soft tissue or a bony structure--e.g., an os trigonum or large posterior process of the talus (Stieda's process)--between the posterior distal end of the tibia (malleolus tertius) and the posterior tuberculum of the calcaneus (Fig.
The line is formed by the interconnection between the same Galenic venous confluence mentioned in creation of the plane of the incisura and the tuberculum sella.
Embryologically, the thyroid gland is derived as an epithelial proliferation in the floor of the pharynx between the tuberculum impar and the copula at a point later indicated by the foramen cecum.
A giant enhanced intra- and extracranial lesion extended from the frontal recess and posterior table of the frontal sinus to the tuberculum sellae with no surrounding edema was seen on MR images [Figure 1]a,[Figure 1]b,[Figure 1]c.