tuberous sclerosis

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tu·ber·ous scle·ro·sis

n. esclerosis tuberosa, enfermedad familiar marcada por ataques convulsivos, deficiencia mental progresiva y formación de múltiples tumores cerebrales cutáneos.
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Procurement Purchase Tuberous Sclerosis Drugs - Everolimus
About the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance The Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance is the only national organization dedicated to finding a cure for tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) while improving the lives of those affected.
Renal angiomyolipoma: Clinicopathologic study of 194 cases with emphasis on the epithelioid histology and tuberous sclerosis association.
According to the Tuberous Sclerosis Association, this means the drug is only prescribed when a patient is assessed as being in "imminent danger of irreversible and substantial harm.
Tuberous sclerosis is a rare genetic condition that causes mainly noncancerous tumours to develop in different parts of the body.
The Tuberous Sclerosis Association is campaigning to have everolimus made available for the condition.
Cortical tuber count: a biomarker indicating neurologic severity of tuberous sclerosis complex.
The child's mother was 26 years old and was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis based on the presence of multiple major and minor diagnostic criteria including adenoma sebaceum, Shagreen patches, and Koenen's tumors (periungual fibroma).
She is one of too many children suffering from Tuberous Sclerosis Complex," concluded NAPW Boston Charity Chair, Melanie Vogel.
Meghan also suffers from tuberous sclerosis - a rare genetic condition that causes tumours to grow in the brain and other organs.
Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is a genetic disorder that can affect multiple organ systems, including the brain, heart, skin, kidney, and lung, by formation of benign hamartomas.