(to͞o′byə-lĭt, -lāt′, tyo͞o′-) also tu·bu·lat·ed (-lā′tĭd)
1. Formed into or resembling a tube; tubular.
2. Having a tube.

[Latin tubulātus, from tubulus, diminutive of tubus, tube.]

tu′bu·la′tion n.
tu′bu·la′tor n.
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(18) We believe that the cystic alterations, which are more common in the outer layers, are instances of outer retinal tubulation. Zweifel et al.
Via direct fluorescence microscopic observation, Domanov and Kinnunen showed that hIAPP fibrillation on the surface of supported lipid bilayers induces deformation, vesiculation and tubulation of the membrane [106].
This stage involves specific ATG8 paralogs; multiple WD repeat domain-containing, phosphoinositide-interacting ATG18 paralogs; ATG2A, which binds to ATG18; the transmembrane protein, ATG9; SNX18 which causes autophagosome tubulation; as well as small G-proteins that direct this process.
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Calculating the effective pumping speed in the molecular flow [regime.sup.2] can be a good deal more complicated, but in a well designed system where the connecting tubulation is short, the same diameter as the pump, and the same diameter from chamber to pump a simple method is to use the following system.
Normal long bone growth involves elongation, increase in the physeal and diaphyseal diameter, epiphyseal enlargement and tubulation.
Blue and red arrows indicate sub-retinal fluid and a retinal tubulation respectively
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