n. Brit.
a confectionery.
References in classic literature ?
"Tea's directly after locking-up, you see," said East, hobbling along as fast as he could, "so you come along down to Sally Harrowell's; that's our School-house tuck-shop. She bakes such stunning murphies, we'll have a penn'orth each for tea.
Najeebullah a consumer at the tuck-shop expressing his concerns said the licenses of the violators should be canceled at once if he found involved in this illegal activity.
The tuck-shop owners who were not present during the operation were given warning and if they continued to stock expiry products, the department sealed their shops, he said.
There will be four bars throughout serving cocktails all with tuck-shop treats such as party rings and popping candy.
A tuck-shop owner in Ikageng Twonship in Potchefstroom, Boikanyo Mokiti (48) said he now possess the buying power as he buy directly from the manufacturers, saving on transport and delivery costs and he is also providing good quality items to the local community.
The beneficiaries of VTSD Retail Warehouse who are mostly tuck-shops, hair salons and butchery owners in the JB Marks Local Municipality, have glorified this great initiative by North West Provincial Government which is now boosting enterprise development and economies in the VTSD (Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies) areas.
Jackie runs the tuck-shop. Some students from Year 6 help.
A POLICE inspector allegedly caught on a hidden camera rifling through his office tuck-shop kitty went on trial yesterday for theft.
Is it true that what Americans call a cafeteria, the English call a tuck-shop?
One of them, Mr Kenaleone Tshupelo who runs a tuck-shop said the regulations in place were a stumbling block for the growth of the small-scale businesses citing a clause which stated that a tuck-shop should be 15 metres from the main roads.
A SCHOOL clerk stole dinner money, tuck-shop cash and charity collections.
Duma Boko has donated 10 mobile tuck-shops to entrepreneurs in his constituency, in a move to enable them to reach out to larger crowds within the city.