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tuck·er 1

1. One that tucks, especially an attachment on a sewing machine for making tucks.
2. A piece of linen or frill of lace formerly worn by women around the neck and shoulders.
3. Chiefly Australian Food.

tuck·er 2

tr.v. tuck·ered, tuck·er·ing, tuck·ers Informal
To make weary; exhaust. Usually used with out.

[Perhaps from tuck.]
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Informal. Extremely tired.Also used with out:
Informal: beat, bushed.
Slang: done in, fagged (out), pooped (out).
Idioms: all in, ready to drop.
References in classic literature ?
Well, at last he could hardly flop his wings, he was so tuckered out.
Then, indeed, does the tuckered sylph come out in fairy form and proceed with joy under cousinly escort to the exhausted old assembly-room, fourteen heavy miles off, which, during three hundred and sixty-four days and nights of every ordinary year, is a kind of antipodean lumber- room full of old chairs and tables upside down.
When she was tuckered out and had to hold up, he says, quite ca'm: