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Noun1.tudung - a scarf worn around the head by Muslim women in Malaysiatudung - a scarf worn around the head by Muslim women in Malaysia; conceals the hair but not the face
scarf - a garment worn around the head or neck or shoulders for warmth or decoration
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(45) While looking for a place to have lunch, an academic colleague from West Malaysia passing a Chinese restaurant full of Sabahan Muslim men and women, the women wearing headscarfs (tudung), commented: 'They (the Muslims in Sabah) frequent coffee shops operated by Chinese and eat from the same plates formerly used by non-Muslims at restaurants at weddings, because their Islam is "different".' (46)
A haughty woman in a tudung, or Malaysian head covering, gave us the bad news.
The video was posted by Malaysian media outlet Sukan Star TV on its Facebook page with the video title alleging that the boy band "molested" the girls who were wearing tudung or head scarves.
For example, buy tudung (hijab/veil) and new dishes for me.
This is a Muslim village, and Tan and I are the only women not wearing a tudung, the Malaysian headscarf.
Following the ethnic requirements for a Muslim woman, Niza adorns the head scarf (also called as tudung in Malaysia) in most occasions.
For example, recent cases such as the wearing of the 'tudung' or Muslim head-dress in government schools, and the arrest of the members of the Muslim religious organisation, 'Jemaah Islamiah', for terrorism-related activities, caused a stir among the different ethnic communities in Singapore and revived ethnic tensions.
A decade ago, when I first began to explore the question of the Islamic workplace, the term hijab (of Arabic origin) was rarely heard in Malaysia, and a head covering was called, in Malay, a tudung. This, I think, is another example of the flowering of Arabic terminology in the Malay-Muslim setting.
US private equity firm Carlyle Group is the preferred bidder in the final race to buy 25% of Indonesian food and beverage distributor GarudaFood from Tudung Group for some USD200m (EUR139.5m) and could seal a deal soon.
"If families feel their children need not wear the tudung, that's up to them.
In Lewat Musim Itu description of Nina who manages a palm-oil plantation, a job that necessitates wearing attires associated with men such as jeans and boots, is tampered with having her don a tudung (scarf) and shirts that are long-sleeved.