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 (to͞o′fə, tyo͞o′-)
A soft, friable, and porous sedimentary rock consisting of calcium carbonate and formed by the evaporation of water, especially at the mouth of a hot spring or on a drying lakebed. It can also be precipitated by algae or bacteria.

[Obsolete Italian tufa, tufo, from Latin tōfus.]

tu·fa′ceous (-fā′shəs) adj.
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I brought away specimens of one of the tufaceous layers of a pinkish colour and it is a most extraordinary fact, that Professor Ehrenberg [5] finds it almost wholly composed of matter which has been organized: he detects in it some siliceous-shielded fresh-water infusoria, and no less than twenty-five different kinds of the siliceous tissue of plants, chiefly of grasses.
(3) Tufaceous terrace deposits more than 35 m thick, dated at 312 ka by U/Th from a sample collected 4 m beneath the surface (Gracia, 1990, 1993; Gracia and Cuchi, 1993).
The volcanic rock most often used for paving is technically tufaceous rhyolite that occurs in ashflows.