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Noun1.tufted puffin - northern Pacific puffin having a large yellow plume over each eyetufted puffin - northern Pacific puffin having a large yellow plume over each eye
puffin - any of two genera of northern seabirds having short necks and brightly colored compressed bills
genus Lunda, Lunda - puffins
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While everywhere in Europe, Green parties gained a foothold, in Cyprus it sank without a trace like Tufted Puffin population in Canada.
Earliest records for each species were: Ancient Murrelet (Synthliboramphus antiquus) at St Lazaria Island, SEAK, in 1866; Cassin's Auklet (Ptychoramphus aleuticus) at Forrester Island, SEAK, in 1897; Rhinoceros Auklet (Cerorhinca monocerata) at Pine Island, BC, in 1860; and Tufted Puffin (Fratercula cirrhata) at Mandarte Island, BC, in 1858.
An amazing array of birds: pigeon guillemot, pelogic cormorant, tufted puffin, horned puffin, common murre, Kittlitz's murrelet, eagles, seagulls and more.
English teachers will be delighted to find models of lyrical prose in an expository text, ideal for lessons on figurative language ("watch a woma python/ pour through the Central Australian Desert/like liquid bronze/leaving in its wake/an Arabic prayer for understanding/written in the sand.") And there is lovely humor in the descriptive passages that accompany photographs such as the one of the "tufted puffin with its shock of blonde hair and rococo beak." Priceless truly conveys a sense of humans' oneness with these creatures and our responsibility to them--"We live among exotic neighbors who/from the day they are born/will breathe the same air and look up at the same moon as you and, when they die, will lie buried in the same soil."
Nature nuggets: Haystack Rock is home to marine invertebrates all year long and nesting seabirds, such as the tufted puffin, in the summer; the tufted puffin arrives in late March or early April and stays through August.
Fueled by a massive seasonal outbreak of marine phytoplankton, more than a million seabirds, such as the colorful tufted puffin, jostle and fight for nest sites no larger than their bellies on hundreds of wave-battered rocks and islands from Washington to Southern California.
Confusion about one of the most important events in the puffin year illustrates how well the Atlantic puffin and its three peers in the North Pacific-the horned puffin, tufted puffin and misnamed rhinoceros auklet-keep their secrets.
Shearwater Journeys runs day trips (7:45 to 3 P.M.) into the bay; you might see albatross, red phalarope, tufted puffin, or thousands of storm petrels; plus blue or humpback whales, fur seals, Dall's porpoise.
Harris Beach State Park (Brookings) - The park boasts Bird Island (also called Goat Island), the largest island off the Oregon Coast and a National Wildlife Sanctuary for such rare birds as the tufted puffin. The area is known for its views during powerful and dramatic winter storms.
water, tufted puffin, Bonaparte's gull, harlequin duck ...