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Variant of tögrög.
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(ˈtuːˌɡriːk) or


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Mongolia, divided into 100 möngös
[from Mongolian]
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or tu•ghrik

(ˈtu grɪk)

the basic monetary unit of Mongolia.
[1930–35; < Mongolian tögrög literally, circle]
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Noun1.tugrik - the basic unit of money in Mongoliatugrik - the basic unit of money in Mongolia
Mongolian monetary unit - monetary unit in Mongolia
mongo - 100 mongo equal 1 tugrik in Mongolia
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Set the price [meaning to reverse the depreciation of the Mongolian currency, the tugrik, or MNT, and rising inflation] by deciding on Oyu Tolgoi [a copper and gold mine] and other big construction projects.
The government needed to take urgent action to limit smog-induced health problems, Unicef and Mongolia's National Centre for Public Health said in a study, adding that a failure to act could push treatment costs up by a third by 2025, amounting to a further 4.8 billion tugrik ($2 million) a year in the capital.
Fitch forecasts GGGD to decline to 87.5% of GDP in 2017, having peaked at 91.4% in 2016 as a result of the high budget deficit and a substantial revaluation of foreign-currency borrowings associated with a 20% depreciation of the tugrik. The agency's baseline forecasts suggest GGGD will decline to below 80% of GDP by end-2020, assuming a gradual decline in the primary deficit to 1.5%, average nominal GDP growth of 11.5%, and a broadly stable tugrik.
and Cristobal David, each received jail sentences of between five and six years, while the company was fined 35 billion tugrik ($18 million), said court spokeswoman Jamsranjav Enkhbayar.
The Mongolian currency is called the tugrik. Printed in the UK, it smells of mutton after a few months' use in Mongolia.
The other currencies he likes are Korean won, Taiwan dollar, Indonesian rupiah and Mongolian tugrik and even African commodity currencies "as all are key currencies attached to Bric (Brazil, Russia, India and China)-driven global growth."
WITH nearly two million people unemployed, repossessions rife and, thanks to our collapsing economy, a suitcase stuffed with sterling worth roughly less than the humble Mongolian Tugrik, what we really need right now is something to cheer us all up.
Then there are the messages telling me I have won the Mongolian Lottery and all I need to claim my zillion tugrik prize money (and yes, that's the currency in Mongolia) is send a facilitation fee to a Post Office box number in Zurich.
33 In which Asian nation do 100 mongo make one tugrik?
In addition, the floating of the tugrik in 1993 and the subsequent strong depreciation of the currency was absorbed quickly into inflation.