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Variant of tögrög.
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(ˈtuːˌɡriːk) or


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Mongolia, divided into 100 möngös
[from Mongolian]
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or tu•ghrik

(ˈtu grɪk)

the basic monetary unit of Mongolia.
[1930–35; < Mongolian tögrög literally, circle]
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Noun1.tugrik - the basic unit of money in Mongoliatugrik - the basic unit of money in Mongolia
Mongolian monetary unit - monetary unit in Mongolia
mongo - 100 mongo equal 1 tugrik in Mongolia
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In a month, the charter capital of the Mongolian Copper Corporation (subsidiary of Erdenet Corp) increases from 1 million Tugriks to 112 billion Tugriks, and Purevtuvshin "at his own expense" buys 49% of stakes in Erdenet for $400 million and transferred money to the Russian Alfa Bank to the account of Rostec.
The variable t1 starts at zero and increases by increments of 500 Mongolian Tugriks (MNT) up to 6,000 MNT (approximately US $5 at the time of the experiment).
Monroad's most recent audited financial statements report revenue of 36,286,005,641 Mongolian Tugriks, or USD 19,214,805 as of December 31, 2014.
All of them want dollars, the preferred currency, rather than Mongolian tugriks.
According to Article 15.1 of the AML/CFT Law, the carrying of over 5 million tugriks (approximately $3,500) across the border requires a declaration to the Customs Department.
Costs are in Mongolian tugriks (MNT), 1 US$ [approximately equal to] 1,080 MNT in October 2000.
I wonder if they will accept payment in Mongolian tugriks?
2 billion tugriks of enterprises were sold by auction in 1996.
Almost all major industries are technically bankrupt, workers are being paid in devalued tugriks carrying about 5 percent of the former value, pensions have become valueless, and the entire social safety network is being dismantled.
The Asian country's GDP totaled 8.6 trillion Mongolian tugriks (3.2 billion U.S.
Mongolia's industrial output reached 8.4 trillion Mongolian tugriks (3.12 billion U.S.