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Noun1.tulip bed - a flowerbed in which tulips are growingtulip bed - a flowerbed in which tulips are growing
bed of flowers, flower bed, flowerbed - a bed in which flowers are growing
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He was walking in his garden as we went by, looking at his tulip beds. His tulips are up ever so much higher than ours, and I asked him how he managed to coax them along so early.
Slovak President Andrej Kiska and Ambassador of the Netherlands to Slovakia, Henk Cor van der Kwast, christened the tulip bed on April 26."I asked how long it takes to develop it," said Kiska, as cited by the TASR newswire.
For chic and contemporary, go for Dwell's High Gloss in white or black (pounds 325 for a double bed), Habitat's Tulip bed, pounds 1,499 or Park Lane bedstead (pounds 2,695) from Furniture Village.
When the egg hunt began, Squirrel scampered to the tulip bed. "I found
Packaging is appropriately illustrated to fit the product; with a windmill and tulip bed for the Ham Hollandaise and a backyard barbecue scene for the Chicken Barbecue.
* IF you are looking at planting a new tulip bed, check varieties being introduced by J Parker, the Manchester bulb specialists.