tumble down

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w>tumble down

(= fall down, person) → hinfallen, stürzen; (object)herunterfallen; (building)einstürzen; to tumble down the stairsdie Treppe hinunterfallen
(= move quickly) they came tumbling down the stairssie kamen die Treppe heruntergestürzt
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References in classic literature ?
"O Zarathustra," he began, with sorrowful voice, "thou dost not stand there like one whose happiness maketh him giddy: thou wilt have to dance lest thou tumble down!
Oh, Peggotty!' My eyes were full, and I felt as if I were going to tumble down.
Now you have encouraged her to take to walking, she will be more obstinate than ever, and is sure to tumble down daily, out of doors as well as in.
"The digital flight data recorder (DFDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR) of ET302 have been recovered," the airline said in a Twitter post.The critical data boxes will provide the first clues as to what caused the Ethiopian Airlines plane to tumble down just six minutes after take-off.
Cavan are ready to tumble Down's golden oldies out of the Bank of Ireland Ulster Championship.
Most of us in school days must have learnt that slow and steady wins the race and those treading fast somewhat blindly tumble down here and there.
I WISH to say a big thank you to Vicky and Steve (surname unknown) for coming to my rescue when I foolishly took a tumble down some rocks on Aberystwyth Beach, on Friday, August 7.
"The growing size of the lava dome is very unstable," said Surono, adding that smouldering rocks mixed with hot gases could tumble down at any time.
Meanwhile, after yet another blazing row with Mick, Linda chases after him, but takes a tumble down the stairs.
news show Entertainment Tonight: "I'm sitting there thinking, 'Well, the worst thing that could happen to Kristy would be if she would take a tumble down those stairs and, when it happened, I just panicked." (ANI)