tumble drier

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Noun1.tumble drier - a clothes dryer that spins wet clothes inside a cylinder with heated airtumble drier - a clothes dryer that spins wet clothes inside a cylinder with heated air
clothes drier, clothes dryer - a dryer that dries clothes wet from washing
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But Walsall Housing Group's director of home maintenance Nigel Harris said Abbie had caused the problem herself by using a tumble drier in an unventilated room.
"On top of that, we have to put coins in to work the tumble drier.
Ben Blowes ran the entire race holding a tumble drier, and Marc Jenner bore a 100lb pack.
Mick Ireland, watch manager at Stockton Fire Station, said: "It was a tumble drier in a garage.
John Duffy, 55, was discovered inside a large metal container sorting and drying out the cash in a tumble drier at a Co Limerick farmyard in December 2013.
Two bras were later found to be missing from a tumble to be missing from a tumble drier inside.
FIREFIGHTERS extinguished a tumble drier which caught fire at a flat yesterday.
Just pop a sheet in to your tumble drier for 20 minutes with the items you want to refresh and the job is done.
"We started to use only one pan for cooking, used the grill instead of the oven, turned the radiators down, switched off everything at the plug rather than leaving things on standby and stopped using the tumble drier," the 40-yearold insurance clerk says.
Explaining how he came to weigh out for the ride on Man Of Gwent in the last race at Kempton without the tail strap, Doyle said yesterday: "It had got wet when falling on the floor, so my valet Dave Mustoe unzipped it and gave it a spin in the tumble drier. Unfortunately, we forgot to reattach it and I went to the clerk of the scales to weigh out without it."
The entry for NHG Tumbler 'tumble drier' alerts the German-speaking user to the fact that the word is not listed in English dictionaries with this meaning, thus helping to prevent an unidiomatic translation back into English.
But there's still much to enjoy, not least the sight of Stocks' discombobulated copper trapped in a tumble drier, Lenny Wood's mobile-featured expressions as the literally-minded Billy, and the increasingly plaintive cries of "Wayne, Wayne" from a disorientated, dress bag-hooded Coleen Rooney.