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Any of various dung beetles that roll up balls of fresh dung, inside which the female deposits her eggs and on which the larvae feed.


(Animals) US a dung beetle


(ˈtʌm bəlˌbʌg)

any of several dung beetles that roll balls of dung in which they deposit their eggs.
[1795–1805, Amer.]
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Noun1.tumblebug - any of various dung beetlestumblebug - any of various dung beetles    
dung beetle - any of numerous beetles that roll balls of dung on which they feed and in which they lay eggs
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A tumblebug came next, heaving sturdily at its ball, and Tom touched the creature, to see it shut its legs against its body and pretend to be dead.
Fibre helicoidally rounding hole of tumblebug's elytra and extrusion strength of biomimetic composite, Mater.
A "tumblebug" was an advanced, barrel-like scraper tripped by a rope from the tractor seat.
Look out for the green bugs, which are a quarter-inch long, and spray with Murphy Tumblebug, repeating two to three times at two-week intervals.
These and other nasties can be controlled with a systemic plant spray such as Tumbleblite, Rapid, or Tumblebug.
CONTROL rust on roses, hollyhocks, sweet williams and carnations with Tumbleblite and pests with tumblebug.
Clean off the mould and pests with soapy water and if they return try spraying with Murphy Tumblebug.