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Gymnastics, such as somersaults, rolls, and handsprings, performed without the use of specialized apparatus.


(ˈtʌm blɪŋ)

the act, practice, or art of performing acrobatic tumbles, esp. on a mat or on the ground.
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Noun1.tumbling - the gymnastic moves of an acrobattumbling - the gymnastic moves of an acrobat  
gymnastics, gymnastic exercise - a sport that involves exercises intended to display strength and balance and agility
acrobatic feat, acrobatic stunt - a stunt performed by an acrobat
حَرَكات بَهْلَوانِيَّه
akrobacia na zemi
yer jimnastiği


(ˈtambl) verb
1. to (cause to) fall, especially in a helpless or confused way. She tumbled down the stairs; The box suddenly tumbled off the top of the wardrobe.
2. to do tumbling.
a fall. She took a tumble on the stairs.
ˈtumbler noun
1. a large drinking glass. a tumbler of whisky.
2. a tumblerful.
3. an acrobat (who performs the acrobatic tricks on the ground).
ˈtumblerful noun
the amount contained by a tumbler. two tumblerfuls of water.
ˌtumble-ˈdrier noun
a machine for drying clothes by tumbling them around and blowing hot air into them.
ˈtumbling noun
acrobatics done on the ground.
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Both elements featured hugely on Friday, when the tumblingly lively CBSO choral family (we almost need an old woman's shoe) celebrated the exact centenary of the composer's birth - but also the 30-year anniversary of Simon Halsey's tenure as chorus director.