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 (to͞o′mər, tyo͞o′-)
1. An abnormal growth of tissue resulting from uncontrolled, progressive multiplication of cells and serving no physiological function; a neoplasm.
2. A swollen part; a swelling: a plant tumor.

[Middle English tumour, from Latin tumor, from tumēre, to swell; see teuə- in Indo-European roots.]

tu′mor·al, tu′mor·ous adj.
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a. tumoroso-a, que tiene la apariencia de un tumor.
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Reduced hospital stay, effectively control over the growth of tumorous tissues, and low exposure to undue radiation are serving as proponents of using radiotherapy devices in oncological treatment of cancer.
While cancer surgery aims at removing the tumorous growth, the aim of reconstructive surgery is to replace or restore that which has been removed in order to successfully return an individual to their previous performance.
Indications for the PQL scope use include an incomplete colonoscopy with a SD scope, a difficult colonoscopy with a SD scope due to adhesions after surgery, excessive looping, estimated tumorous obstruction, pain intolerance, or severe general condition or comorbidity (gastrointestinal graft vs.
Physical examination showed a palpable suprapubic tumorous mass measuring 20 cm in largest diameter.
After excision of the tumorous mass, remaining surface was cauterized by using swab of AgNo3.
Speaking about it, lead author Dr Kristina Weibring said, aACoeWe wanted to examine in more detail if postoperative treatment, given to decrease the risk of recurrence after the removal of the tumorous testicle, would affect the sperm count and sperm concentration long term in testicular cancer patients with no spread of the disease.
The screening showed up a tumorous growth in his lung but it was in the initial stages of malignancy.
When S100 protein will be proven to be a good tumor marker in the tumorous mammary organ in dogs, this study could be useful to veterinarians, practitioners, clinicians, and pathologists.
you Write to: M.E.N, House, Oldham, Or email: @men-"Within a relatively short time, about 18 months or two years, I got tumorous growths coming up in my side." More than 40 years later, Terry discovered another legacy from the blast.
Pathologic examinations revealed that tumor cells were multipleomorphic and tumorous growth was invasive along with necrosis and hemorrhage at its center [Figure 1]f.