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 (to͞o′myə-lī′, tyo͞o′-)
Plural of tumulus.
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Munt's inattentive eyes, a series broken at one point by six Danish tumuli that stood shoulder to shoulder along the highroad, tombs of soldiers.
I saw them sitting on their haunches, singly and in groups, on the summits of irregular mounds and tumuli filling a half of my desert prospect and extending to the horizon.
Six of these sites are burial mound fields consisting of a few dozen to several thousand tumuli. In all there are about 11,774 burial mounds, originally in the form of cylindrical low towers.
The landmark includes six burial mound fields that consist of a few dozen to a several thousand tumuli. The other 15 include 13 single royal mounds and two pairs of royal mounds spread across various towns in Madinat Hamad, Janabiyah and A'ali.
Six of the selected site components are burial mound fields consisting of some dozen to several thousand tumuli. Together, they comprise about 11,774 burial mounds.
Alternatively, it may have been one of these time-revered mounds known as tumuli, or round barrows, where Bronze and Iron Age tribes buried their dead.
In 180 pages of text, there is passing reference at best to the grandiose tumuli of Cerveteri with their rock-cut interiors mimicking the appearance of Etruscan houses; the magnificent frescoes of the Archaic and Classical subterranean tomb chambers of Tarquinia; and the Apollo of Veii and the painted terracotta statues of that site's Portonaccio Temple.
Surrounding moorland has examples of early field systems, stone circles and tumuli ( burial mounds) and as we survey the landscape there are distant views of Upleatham and coastal settings in the area of Marske and Saltburn.
Over 20,000 historical monuments, including graves and tumuli, means of production, things related to daily life, and more were found there.
Among the more than 600 tumuli in Lydia, the burial chambers of only 115 have been "archaeologically investigated," and of these only two were found intact (p.
Ayman Ashmawy, head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector at the Ministry of Antiquities, said that the mission discovered several rock slabs with paintings and inscriptions on them, some of which date back to the Predynastic and Protodynastic era, along with burial tumuli, some of which dating back to the Protodynastic Period, while others dating back to the Late Roman era.