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 (to͝o-mŭl′cho͞o-əs, tyo͝o-)
1. Very loud; noisy: tumultuous applause.
2. Characterized by disorderly commotion: the tumultuous years of the 1960s.
3. Characterized by mental or emotional agitation: a tumultuous love affair.

tu·mul′tu·ous·ly adv.
tu·mul′tu·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.tumultuousness - a state of commotion and noise and confusiontumultuousness - a state of commotion and noise and confusion
commotion, hoo-ha, hoo-hah, hurly burly, kerfuffle, to-do, disruption, disturbance, flutter - a disorderly outburst or tumult; "they were amazed by the furious disturbance they had caused"
combustion - a state of violent disturbance and excitement; "combustion grew until revolt was unavoidable"
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correlates to perils of strong emotions, with the tumultuousness of
As such, it is certainly preferable to fanaticism, to the tumultuousness of exaltation, which is an .
The rectangular shape of the trays and the softly rounded shape of the bowls created a sense of calm and furthered the idea of stillness while, underneath, the flame pattern left on the surface of the trays was a reminder of the tumultuousness of a woodfiring, like swirling mud patterns reveal the now absent turbulence of a deluge.
It seeks to "provide a sense of rest, inner peace, and private solace apart from the tumultuousness of life round about.
A natural way to think about equity in the context of harm done, something we should expect to be common in the tumultuousness of a changing climate, is in terms of responsibility (Broome 2012; Hiller 2011; Nolt 2011).
As Robert's book demonstrates, the tumultuousness of Zimbabwe's independence was bloody, emotional, and complex.
Tink is an irresistible protagonist, and Rivers has perfectly captured her voice and all of the anxiety and tumultuousness of being 12-almost-13.
Choleric--no self control, impulsiveness, agitation, tumultuousness, impatience, emotional explosiveness, oscillations between impetuous activism and depression, inclination towards alarm states and anguish.