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Noun1.tundra soil - a black mucky soil with a frozen subsoil that is characteristic of Arctic and subarctic regionstundra soil - a black mucky soil with a frozen subsoil that is characteristic of Arctic and subarctic regions
dirt, soil - the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock
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Although these isolates were obtained from distinct environments ranging from acidic environments [5,13,18] to marine hydrothermal vents [21], to the tundra soil [9], they are usually considered to be slow-growing organisms that thrive in oligotrophic habitats.
In a 20-year experiment that warmed patches of chilly ground, tundra soil kept its stored carbon, researchers report.
In what is now the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A) the Inupiats were the first oil explorers, seeking out tundra soil that was soaked with oil from the seeps.
West AE, Schmidt SK (1999) Acetate stimulates atmospheric C[H.sub.4] oxidation by an alpine tundra soil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 31, 1649-1655.
On the other hand, the high ice content of tundra soil during the winter means that it shows high thermal conductivity in the winter.
Clearly, additional studies are warranted to quantify the time course for depletion of labile C in tundra soil organic matter.
Large-scale industrial development boomed, and it became necessary to construct new cities and towns, roads, railway lines, electricity supply lines, and a set of facilities that were built hastily on the virgin tundra soil and led to the deterioration of large areas.
Mean growing season tussock tundra soil temperatures at 10 cm depth range from 3 [degrees] to 8 [degrees] C (S.
A three-year study showed that the process can be performed on-site and may be the most efficient and cost-effective choice for cleaning fragile tundra soil.