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 (to͞on′fəl, tyo͞on′-)
1. Full of tune; melodious.
2. Producing musical sounds.

tune′ful·ly adv.
tune′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.tunefulness - the property of having a melodytunefulness - the property of having a melody  
musicality, musicalness - the property of sounding like music
تآلُف النَّغَم
hljómfegurî, kliîmÿkt


[ˈtjuːnfʊlnɪs] Nlo melodioso, lo armonioso


nMelodik f


(tjuːn) noun
musical notes put together in a particular (melodic and pleasing) order; a melody. He played a tune on the violin.
1. to adjust (a musical instrument, or its strings etc) to the correct pitch. The orchestra tuned their instruments.
2. to adjust a radio so that it receives a particular station. The radio was tuned to a German station.
3. to adjust (an engine etc) so that it runs well.
ˈtuneful adjective
having a good, clear, pleasant etc tune. That song is very tuneful.
ˈtunefully adverb
ˈtunefulness noun
ˈtuneless adjective
without a good etc tune; unmusical. The child was singing in a tuneless voice.
ˈtunelessly adverb
ˈtunelessness noun
ˈtuner noun
1. (also piˈano-tuner) a person whose profession is tuning pianos.
2. the dial on a radio etc used to tune in to the different stations.
3. a radio which is part of a stereo system.
change one's tune
to change one's attitude, opinions etc.
in tune
1. (of a musical instrument) having been adjusted so as to give the correct pitches. Is the violin in tune with the piano?
2. (of a person's singing voice) at the same pitch as that of other voices or instruments. Someone in the choir isn't (singing) in tune.
out of tune
not in tune.
tune in
to tune a radio (to a particular station or programme). We usually tune (the radio) in to the news.
tune up
(of an orchestra etc) to tune instruments.
References in classic literature ?
This natural tunefulness made Phoebe seem like a bird in a shadowy tree; or conveyed the idea that the stream of life warbled through her heart as a brook sometimes warbles through a pleasant little dell.
HHHH H Reviewing the premiere of David Matthews' Ninth Symphony last year a colleague was surprised by the cheerful tunefulness of its fourth movement, thinking "he'll never get away with this" - since symphonies like this one don't appeal to the arts coterie who commission and programme contemporary music.
The up-tempo songs "Red Bull & Hennessy" and "Heads Gonna Roll" from her "On the Line" album, with Lewis' unerring sense of tunefulness, will get the initial attention.
By the third track I Want You, the catchy hooks unfold as the beat moves from steady to frenetic, going into the chorus, then back to the next cycle of tunefulness.
Musically, Tweedy and Wilco have always set up a tension between rootsy instrumentation and poppy tunefulness, with occasional injections of chaotic feedback and noise.
And it's a sound full and brimming with tunefulness. Starting with the hopeful, electro-tinged title track ("Umaga").
Taking musical cues from the likes of Sly & The Family Stone, Caribou, Black Sabbath, Outkast, Van McCoy, Ty Segall and The Beastie Boys, and with arrangements which carry the wonky tunefulness of The Super Furry Animals, they nabbed their name from the 1994 film The Little Rascals.
We're treated here to six of his songs, and they are ingratiating for their clarity, tunefulness, and optimism.
Again the vocal capacity to deliver the big passionate speech is being highlighted but Cibber also approves of Barry's "affecting Melody and Softness", the gentle tunefulness of her voice.
On Twitter, Biltaji attracted quite a following, with many users praising the rich timbre and tunefulness of his singing voice.
Radical in comparison with English compositions of the time, this music, for all its innate tunefulness, can easily be seen as a forerunner to George Gershwin's piano and orchestral works some 20 years later.