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 (to͞on′lĭs, tyo͞on′-)
1. Deficient in melody; not tuneful.
2. Producing no music; silent.

tune′less·ly adv.
tune′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.tunelessly - in a tuneless fashiontunelessly - in a tuneless fashion; "he whistled tunelessly"
بدون تآلُف نَغَمي


[ˈtjuːnlɪslɪ] ADVde forma poco melodiosa


[ˈtjuːnlɪslɪ] adv (sing) → con voce stonata


(tjuːn) noun
musical notes put together in a particular (melodic and pleasing) order; a melody. He played a tune on the violin.
1. to adjust (a musical instrument, or its strings etc) to the correct pitch. The orchestra tuned their instruments.
2. to adjust a radio so that it receives a particular station. The radio was tuned to a German station.
3. to adjust (an engine etc) so that it runs well.
ˈtuneful adjective
having a good, clear, pleasant etc tune. That song is very tuneful.
ˈtunefully adverb
ˈtunefulness noun
ˈtuneless adjective
without a good etc tune; unmusical. The child was singing in a tuneless voice.
ˈtunelessly adverb
ˈtunelessness noun
ˈtuner noun
1. (also piˈano-tuner) a person whose profession is tuning pianos.
2. the dial on a radio etc used to tune in to the different stations.
3. a radio which is part of a stereo system.
change one's tune
to change one's attitude, opinions etc.
in tune
1. (of a musical instrument) having been adjusted so as to give the correct pitches. Is the violin in tune with the piano?
2. (of a person's singing voice) at the same pitch as that of other voices or instruments. Someone in the choir isn't (singing) in tune.
out of tune
not in tune.
tune in
to tune a radio (to a particular station or programme). We usually tune (the radio) in to the news.
tune up
(of an orchestra etc) to tune instruments.
References in classic literature ?
Arthur, who was stropping a razor and whistling tunelessly, raised his eyebrows.
If Stanton models his relationship with the surrounding environment according to William Blake's poetics (as will be subsequently explained), Huw's alleged admiration for the old couple, for their rustic lifestyle, and for the nature of the unknown song they are producing ironically mirrors William Wordsworth's aesthetic approach to the Other in "The Solitary Reaper" (1803): "He thought about growing old with Sophie, about being old with Sophie, and that was real, he thought, Yes, we are not so far apart, we are not always passing through, and he felt something for the old couple, gratitude, love, that made him cough and begin to sing tunelessly along with the unknown song" (2006: 164).
This misapprehension is mostly expressed through the medium of whistling tunelessly every bleedin' moment of the day.
I can play my ukulele, Mummy," she offered, tunelessly humming her new made-up tune to randomly strummed chords.
You used to hear men whistling tunelessly as they walked or worked.
Top of the charts is Cheerleader by OMI (nope, me neither) closely followed by All About the Bass by Meghan Trainor which, by strange coincidence, I've been singing tunelessly to myself all week.
Just small things: a song you know on the radio, a billboard for a movie you've seen, a moment of silence in your room when you can't hear anything at all, not even the traffic from the street, not even the sound of Gabi humming tunelessly while she boils beans in a large black pot.
I would sing, loudly and tunelessly, and bury my hands deep as the mud turned my nails into black crescent moons.
Usually I'm the first to get things started, crack open the bubbly and sing along tunelessly but New Year is not the time for it.
Hilarious situation unfolded as contestants tunelessly communicated via song especially Sangram.