tung tree

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tung tree

Any of several widely cultivated eastern Asian trees of the genus Vernicia (syn. Aleurites), especially V. fordii and V. montana, whose seeds yield a commercially valuable drying oil.

[Mandarin tóng, from Middle Chinese tɦəŋ.]

tung′ tree`

any of several trees belonging to the genus Aleurites, of the spurge family, esp. A. fordii, of China, bearing seeds that yield tung oil.
[1890–95; see tung oil]
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Noun1.tung tree - Chinese tree bearing seeds that yield tung oiltung tree - Chinese tree bearing seeds that yield tung oil
angiospermous tree, flowering tree - any tree having seeds and ovules contained in the ovary
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belonging to the same family as Jatropha, is well known as Tung tree and native to Southern China with a subtropical climate.
The newest tung tree on the scene, Anna Bella, may herald a new generation of ornamental tung tree varieties suitable for landscape uses in the U.
There are nine hickories, multiple oaks (including a liveoak), a blackgum, wild cherry, persimmon, a tung tree and two native English hollies with lots of red berries at Christmas.
In this study, we reported an effective and reproducible regeneration method for tung tree using hypocotyl explants.
Chemist John Dyer and plant geneticist Jay Shockey in SRRC's Commodity Utilization Research Unit are trying to take the mystery out of how certain plants, like the tung tree, produce high levels of unusual fatty acids.
government on an experiment growing hybrid tung trees on her land, trees with deeper roots that can withstand hurricanes.