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 (to͞o′nĭ-kə, tyo͞o′-)
n. pl. tu·ni·cae (-kē′, -sē′)
An enclosing membrane or layer of tissue.

[Latin, tunic; see tunic.]
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1. (Anatomy) anatomy tissue forming a layer or covering of an organ or part, such as any of the tissue layers of a blood vessel wall
2. (Botany) botany the outer layer or layers of cells of the meristem at a shoot tip, which produces the epidermis and cells beneath it. Compare corpus4
[C17: from Latin tunica tunic]
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(ˈtu nɪk, ˈtyu-)

1. a coat worn as part of a military or other uniform.
2. a gownlike outer garment worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
a. a woman's straight, usu. sleeveless upper garment, loose or fitted, extending to the hips or below.
b. Also called tu′nic dress`. any of various dresses styled like this or incorporating this as one element.
4. tunicle.
5. a covering membrane, layer, or integument over an organ or part.
[1600–10; (< French tunique) < Latin tunica]
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Noun1.tunica - an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissuetunica - an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue
tissue layer, membrane - a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects the organs or cells of animals or plants
albuginea - whitish tunic
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{15} [Greek] "The [Greek], or tunica, was a shirt or shift, and served as the chief under garment of the Greeks and Romans, whether men or women." Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, under "Tunica".
My brief glance, in fact, had sufficed to assure me that the orbs which we had all supposed to be glass, and which were originally noticeable for a certain wild stare, were now so far covered by the lids, that only a small portion of the tunica albuginea remained visible.
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Thickness of the tunica muscularis was higher in group C while other groups like D, E and F showed reduction in thickness compared to control group.
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[2] Both Dartos fascia and tunica vaginalis provide robust cover to the urethra and act as a barrier between the suture lines.
De lo anteriormente senalado, se analiza en este trabajo el termino Tunica el que es asignado a una gran cantidad de estructuras anatomicas para definir su correspondiente termino latino, y es traducido de manera inconsistente al espanol como capa (Tabla I).